Accountantz Today 与金刚商法联办零收费分享会

Accountantz Today 向来提倡资源整合概念,与不同行业的企业老板们来个跨业合作!

在2月28日,Accountantz Today 有幸地与金刚商法联办一场 “改变生命的终极智慧”, 透过金刚经传授致富的秘诀!

Mr Sunny 来自新加坡,拥有丰富工作经验,他向来宾们讲解如何让财富与贵人找上门!我们 Accountantz Today 出场地,他们出人力,资源整合回馈社会!


三位Accountantz Today的代表也捧场金刚商法分享会!


Recruitment @ JB is back again!! 26.02.2016

Accountantz Today has gathered about 600 accountants within Malaysia to join this big family! Our recruitment preview gotten a lot of positive feedback when we organized in 2015.

In year 2016, we have kicked start this recruitment preview again on 26th February 2016 at our JB branch!

It was full house!!! Thanks for support towards Accountantz Today ❤
Audiences forced to stand behind although no more seats available. The founder of Accountantz Today – Mr Arric was one of the speaker to share our attractive scheme.
Once again, thanks for coming and support us by attending our recruitment preview. We promised to organize more preview in other states! Hope to see you join our big family soon!

Business License Partner (BLP) program only at Accountantz Today!

Accountantz Today has provided a good opportunity for all accountants in Malaysia since we established in year 2014. Other than that, Accountantz Today has the biggest platform in providing accountant human resources for SME’s business owner!

Bosses, are you interested to earn extra income via our BLP program? Wondering what is BLP program? No doubt! It is a MUST-ATTEND-TALK in Malaysia now!

Let’s show you some on-going program now

Our senior marketer, Ms Jessie was presenting in the “GST & Income Tax Talk 2016”. How to manage the income tax planning and submission will be highlighted in this talk. We would like to share all of the latest information to our audiences
Audiences were paying full attention in this excellence sharing session by Ms Jessie. In the last part, we would highlight how to get extra income by joining our BLP program. Definitely can’t miss this as it will be the hottest topic in the town!!
Ms Jessie managed to attract her Business License Partner via this GST & Income Tax Talk! Let’s roll out this program together! You will see the result soon 🙂