Accountantz Today 培育新时代的会计师

Accountantz Today 自成立以来, 吸引了许多会计师加入我们, 跟随着我们所创立的系统赚钱。

我们不但提供自由的工作时间 + 额外的钱脉, 我们还提供 “机会” 给现代的会计师! Accountantz Today 提供机会让他们学习成长, 除了做账以外, 我们的会计师还能成为讲师!

90后的 Esther 在 Kluang (居銮) 与老板们讲解 “Income Tax 大揭秘分享会”
Skudai (士古来) 的帅哥讲师 – Zyan 以成熟稳健的方式让老板们了解如何让公司賺大钱!
Accountantz Today 的新晋讲师 Vincent 随团队到莎劳越古晋 (Kuching) 与大家分享如何节省税务!

他们大部分都是90年代的会计师,拒绝沉闷的工作方式。而新时代的会计师就在我们ACCOUNTANTZ TODAY 诞生了!相信我们,你们的勇于尝试及挑战必定有所收获!

Accountantz Today expanded to Banting now!! 我们的分行来到万津了!!

Accountantz Today has established its headquarter at Kepong in year 2014, now its expanded to Seri Kembangan, Klang, Butterworth, Ipoh, Melacca, Kluang, Kudai, Sarawak……and now we have set up the new branch at Banting!!

Accountantz Today’s founder – Mr Arric taking picture happily in front of the branch with our team members ☝👍
Take a look at our new office!! We have just organized a “GST & INCOME TAX TALK 2016” for the bosses and accountants. To find out more about this course, please visit
Congratulations to the Branch Manager of Banting – Ms See! Thanks for your effort during the set up and renovation time! All the best for Banting branch 😊