Accountantz Today was invited to CIMA Convocation 2016!

On 23rd April 2016, Accountantz Today was invited to attend the President’s Dinner & CIMA Convocation 2016 at Intercontinental KL!

Accountantz Today’s founder – Mr Arric (from left 3) and the team – Vincent, Ku, Zyan, Jessie and Karen (from left to right)  were there to support this fruitful event!
We have the same mission with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) – the global professional qualification for business LEADERS!!
Our Accoutantz Today’s bunting was displayed at the hall entrance! “WE SUPPORT YOU TO OWN ACCOUNTING BUSINESS!” Yes! No doubt! This is our promised to CIMA graduates’ students.
Quite excited to see many happy faces graduates from CIMA. Finally their study hard get the rewards now! Hope to see you guys grow together with us! 🙂

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